About Us

Who we are

WaytoWalkin is an emerging Job seekers platform in social media such as Webportal, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc., We keep posting multiple job openings across India in WaytoWalkin group and keep engaging with Job-seekers who are seriously looking for job/career change. We have good experience on job posting and employee engagement etc.


WaytoWalkin is a digital job advertisement platform engaging Job seekers and Recruiters. The digital job advertisement is facilitating to Employers, digitalizing their requirements in all popular channels on the internet ( Like LinkedIn, Facebook, Chetanasforum, and Naukri, etc.). It's an interactive space for all the job seekers to learn and get employed.

WaytoWalkin assists to digitalize their Job and to get the right candidates for their requirement. The main motive behind the initiation of WaytoWalkin is to ensure that the job seekers have a prevalence for Job seekers and Job Providers to post jobs, learn queries, Knowledge Hub, and Gallery.

What inspired us?

Job Seekers put lots of efforts to acquire knowledge for grabbing job offers in MNC's and many other companies; it's a competitive world it is not very easy to get an employment certificate, especially as a fresher. It's unfortunate but true that we have substantial degrees, we set our expectation high and look for a reputed fortune 500 companies.

Our awareness level of jobs and careers are deficient. WaytoWalkin narrows the gap and ensures the process of Recruitment is transparent to Jobseekers.

What if this all your attempt becomes worthless due to incompetent management of the recruiters.

To give an instance of an incident that happened on 24th January in Electronic city campus of HCL where 8000 job aspirants lined up in a 1km long queue for hours together for a walk-in-interview. The barrage of applicants came from the social media ads from the company that is shared on various employment platforms. Applicants from all over India cane to attend the interview. They were unable to accommodate all the waiting applicants, HCL finally canceled the walk-in interview altogether. Jobseekers didn't receive it in a friendly manner.

The incident at HCL, unfortunately, is not a one-off and is mainly emblematic of the more significant employment problem in India. Hundreds of thousands of graduates come out of engineering colleges every year across India, but only 20% of them are employable, according to a recent study.

Locale: HCL office in Bangalore


Locale: Bank Of Americe in Bangalore


How are we going to solve it?

WaytoWalkin enables employee engagement and recruiters to have a standard interface. We provide factual data on job postings, interview tips, Queries, feedback from the Recruiters, and also from the job seekers.

WaytoWalkin becomes the best quick fix for job seekers looking for career advancement. This platform makes learning enjoyable. We are with you at every pace of reaching your dream job.

WaytoWalkin provides you transparency between the job providers and job seekers, which is beneficial for employees for receiving training accordingly. The Knowledge Hub and Gallery tabs provide you synchronal data, which keeps you updated. We assist you to know the recruitment process of the companies, which makes more natural progress in learning.